Vacation 2001, Day 2
Sunday, July 22
Beijing China

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The itinerary for this morning includes touring the city seeing the following highlights: Tian an Men Square, the Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven.

The afternoons highlight is the Summer Palace.

Created July 13, 2001.

What actually happened on this day.

Todays weather 36C with humidity you could and probably will see in the pictures below. It seemed like you perspired just standing still. Sue B would love this. I don't!!!!!!!!!! but I was warned. The tour went in the sequence described above.

This text written July 26th in Xian China.

Tian an Men Square from about 1/3rd of the way
across it. Supposedly the worlds biggest public
square. Can hold 1 million people. Note the haze
in the air. Building in the distance is one in next
photo to the right.
Entrance to Forbidden City. Note painting of Mao
over one of the entrances. There is a painter in
Beijing who does nothing but repaint that oil. It is
not protected in any way. When finished it's hung
up here and he starts another one.

One of the inner buildings of the Forbidden City.
This is where the emperor mainly spent his time I
believe. Chinese emperors had 1 wife but many
concubines. A lot of the emperors time was spent
servicing the concubines we're told.
Here is a closer view of the same building in the
picture to the left. You may recognize this building
as it was used in a movie called either the Last
Emperor or Emperor of (or in) the Sun. Umbrellas
were for sun shade not rain by the way.

The garden of the city. You may have noticed few
trees in the other pictures. In Chinese culture of the
time trees were considered evil spirits to the people.
They only came here very rarely but for a special
reason that I can't remember.
We move now to the Temple of the Heaven. This
was build by people of a different dynasty than the
Forbidden city. This central temple is surrounded
by gardens with trees, grass, and colourful flowers.

This is the summer home of a particular empress
whose name I can't remember. You would probably
know her. This is located at the Summer Palace also
built more recently than some of the others.
This large warship was built to fend off those evil
spirits the chinese were always concerned about.
It was only symbolic though because it's made of
marble and couldn't go anywhere even if they had
wanted to.

Here is another symbol used to keep evil away. I'm
not sure what evil this was for but one of many. In
the doorway in the back left you can see the large
sill. Those sills were also to keep out the evil spirits.
Typical somewhat more affluent housing in Beijing.
It is really quite interesting where air conditioning
units get installed. This is all over Asia. Typical
housing looks run down and decrepit outside and
is typically well hidden in Beijing.

Images chosen and processed July 26th, 2001. Images placed with text August 26th, 2001.

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