Vacation 2001, Day 4
Tuesday, July 24
Beijing to Xian

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Today I fly from Beijing to Xian at 2:20 pm on Air China flight #1201 arriving in Xian at 4:05 pm for a duration of only 1 hour and 45 minutes, one of the shortest flights on the trip. The line colour is bright RED and the two cities are labeled on the map below.

For the record the english pronunciation of this city name seems to be She-ann.

Created July 13, 2001.

What actually happened on this day.

I was picked up at the appropriate time and delivered to the airport by the same tour guide that did the Great Wall tour of yesterday. At the airport there was a problem because I hadn't confirmed the flight before hand. Rule 1 of domestic flying in China...Confirm the onward flight. This is done through the front desk of your hotel. Once the english speaking guide had done this I was finally checked in, paid the Airport Improvement Tax, said goodbye to the guide, cleared security and got to the gate with the correct number, I heard announcements for my destination. About the only thing that was right on the boarding pass was the gate number. I finally showed a non english speaking gate attendant the pass and asked is this the right one in some cryptic sort of way. Apparently see knew enough english to understand and said yes and rushed me onto a bus by the gate. After driving half way around the airport the bus stopped at a very large plane. Impressed I looked to see what kind of plane it was. A Boeing 777-200, their newest model. It seams that several flights had been combined into one but boy it was confusing. Off I went on a somewhat bumpy flight to Xian.

Air China's B777-200 at Xian. See the size of the
engine (right side of picture) to the person standing
in the middle.
Another indication of the size of a B777-200 is
the main landing gear shown here being inspected
by an Air China employee at Xian.

On the flight we were served a bun that had obviously been hand wrapped with cellophane. Opening it I discovered it had a slit in it with 2 pieces of cucumber on it. It tasted good. Arrived in Xian, collected luggage, met the english speaking guide and took the 75 minute drive to the hotel. This time would prove important on Friday.....

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