Vacation 2001, Day 5
Wednesday, July 25

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Todays highlights include touring Xian, seeing over 1000 terra cotta warriors, the Shangxi Historical Museum, and the Big Wild Goose Pagoda which is over 1000 years old.

Created July 13, 2001.

What actually happened on this day.

In one of those quirky twists of fate this is the first of the web pages I've had a chance to do. Partly due to technical problems and partly time.

In the top part of this page that describes what was going to happen this day you need to take it and reverse it for that is the order it was done in. So here we go.

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda from the entrance.  

A close up of the Pagoda.

This is a pottery kiln of the type that may have been used to fire
the tera cotta worriers
At the same place, the official pottery for the
manufacturing of warrior replicas, there is a
vast selection.

Here are the most interesting of the warriors, so called pit 1. These
are the actual warriors in pictures I took. There are signs saying
don't take photos or videos but no one this day tried to stop
There were almost 1000 found in this pit alone. The
current best guess as to how many  in total is at
8800 with more to come. More pits have been

These are worriers that have been removed and restored as best
as they currently can. Indications are that the colours were much
vividor than they are here.
Not bad. How would you look if you were 2200 years old?
Since this area is not just men but entire armies
there are also horses, chariots, and other
implements of war.

Additional Info

The whole concept of the Tera Cotta worriers was and still is to protect their emperor in the spirit world as well as his army would have in life. The worriers were found in 1974 by a farmer digging a well. The farmer is still alive (60 years old) and has a permanent job at the museums souviner store audigraphing the books about his find.

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