Vacation 2001, Day 6
Thursday, July 26

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As the itinerary says "Day at leisure". This extra day was inserted to allow for flight connections to work out. We tried adding this extra day in Beijing but the flight to Xian only went on Tuesdays. The other problem was that the Dragon Air flight to Hong Kong from Xian only goes on Fridays. Thus, an extra day.

Created July 13, 2001.

What actually happened on this day.

Today was used as a rest day and a webpage day. It was very hot so I had no real urge to go outside and suffer like I did yesterday. The weather was HHH (thats hot, hazy, and humid) so I stayed in the hotel and watched the world go by to allow time for the cleaning staff to clean the room. The hotel was the Lee Garden and as in the name there was a small garden behind the hotel that I investigated. The rest of the day was computering with the China images and web pages. The only web page completed was the day 5 (yesterdays) page along with the selection and processing of the remaining China images for the other pages. The IBM laptop was found to be too slow to efficiently process the images and much time was spent waiting. It may have been a problem with the machine as later in the trip I had to reimage the machine but never had a chance to do any more web pages or image processing during the trip.

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Last Updated August 26th, 2001

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