Vacation 2001, Day 10
Monday, July 30
Queenstown New Zealand

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A free day to do whatever I want in Queenstown.

Created July 14th, 2001.

What actually happened on this day.

Most of this day was spent walking arround Queenstown, getting batteries for my portable alarm clock with had decided to give up, and sending e-mails to Sue and Dave. This was also a recovery day from the events of the previous 3 days. I also took a few pictures shown below.

The mountains around Qweenstown.

The mountains that line the shore of
Lake Wakatipu.
You will see more of these tomorrow.

The hotel I stayed in at Qweenstown called
the Gardens Parkroyal.

From the 1992 trip, this is the centre of
Qweenstown from a mountain top restaurant.
The hotel is white building slightly right of centre.

The Remarkable mountain range. Second best
ski hills in Qweenstown area are on the far side
from this view. The best apparently is Coronet
Peak located to the left of this image.

Almost same image as above but at night.

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