Vacation 2001, Day 14
Friday, August 3
Christchurch, New Zealand - Sydney, Australia

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Expectations for Today

After returning to Christchurch yesterday, today I fly to Sydney, Australia. Qantas flight 46 leaves Christchurch at 2:35 pm. arriving in Sydney at 3:55 pm. after a 3 hour and 20 minute flight. This doesn't look like over 3 hours!!! We can thank Sir Stamford Fleming for this one to. Sydney is 2 hours earlier than Christchurch or 14 hours later than Brantford. See the YELLOW line on the map below.

Tonights overnight is in a Sydney airport hotel as there is further to go tomorrow.

Created July 14th, 2001

What actually happened on this day?

The flight was not until mid afternoon so in the morning I went into downtown Christchurch and looked in their stores. I also sent some internet e-mails to Sue and Dave again and got ready to head off to the airport for the first commercial air flight since the day of travelling that started in Xian a week ago today. As it turned out all went well including the choice of hotel in Sydney which couldn't have been better. I had an airport view which just fascinates me and I also had a high speed internet connection so I sent some of the images home. Here are a few images taken as the plane climbed out over New Zealand and the Tasman Sea on it's way to Sydney.

Here I am flying northwest out of Christchurch
heading for Sydney. This view, looking north,
shows the northern most part of the Southern Alps.
A very similar view to the previous one. The view
to the south was better but I couldn't get any
pictures of it.

Further to the northwest, higher altitude.

Inside view of the Boeing 767-338 that I was in.
You can see the computer position display on the
screen at the front.

Just about to cross the coast heading out over the
Tasman Sea towards Sydney.
Out over the sea. Once we got over the clouds
there wasn't much more to see until Sydney.
(There wasn't much to see except sea anyway.)

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