Vacation 2001, Day 15
Saturday, August 4
Sydney - Darwin, Australia

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Expectations for Today

Early this morning (7:05 am to be exact) I leave Sydney on Qantas Flight 504 to Darwin via Brisbane. The flight is scheduled to arrive 6 hours later in Darwin at 12:35 pm. Time zones kick in again here, Darwin is half and hour earlier than Sydney and 13.5 hours later than Brantford. See the GREEN line that is slightly obscured by the purple line on the map below.

Created July 14th, 2001

What actually happened this day.

It was a good thing that the hotel in Sydney was located at the intersection between the road that went to the international and domestic terminals as I had to be at the airport at 6:00 am. This flight as indicated above took 1 hour and 1 minute or 61 minutes to go from Sydney to Brisbane. The stopover was about 30 minutes and then another 4 hours and change to Darwin. So it took about 6 hours in total to get there. The actual route the flight took was somewhat strange in that it went straight up the east coast almost to the point where the brown line (in the map above) to Auckland makes its slight jog to the south and then turned northwest along the south shore of the Gulf of Carpentaria to Darwin. Everything arrived at the airport with me and I was met and transferred to the Novotel Atrium hotel. The rest of the day was, as the tourist people say, at leisure.

An inland view of north eastern Australia.

A coastline, probably of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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