Vacation 2001, Day 16
Sunday, August 5
Darwin, Australia

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Expectations for Today

The escorted motor coach tour starts today at 3:00 pm. Highlights of a tour of Darwin include the Historic East Point and the Darwin Museum. There is a welcome dinner in the evening.

What actually happened this day.

Since there was nothing of importance to do before 3:00 pm I slept in knowing that I would not be able to again until I got back to Darwin after the tour. Later in the morning I went for a walk into downtown Darwin and found a McDonalds where I had lunch. Have you ever heard of a fast food outlet with no Coke or other soft drinks? The soft drink dispenser broke down first thing in the morning and apparently didn't start working again until sometime the next day. Orange juice and milk shakes were the order of the day. Darwin cannot be described as a thriving metropolis but it is an interesting place. Darwin and the area around it is the only part of Australia to be bombed during World War 2 and there was an incredible Christmas Day typhoon in the early 1960's.

This is the Novotel Atrium. It has a ground floor
to roof atrium in the middle with the rooms around
the outside. This is the best picture I could get.
This view point looks out over the old Darwin harbor.
A new one is nearly completed some kilometers away.

The viewpoint in the picture above right is lined
with plaques like this one. In the above right picture
you can see some people reading them.
The anchorage for Darwin's harbor is still located
off this viewpoint. Here we see the most interesting
ship there at the time.

Unless you consider this oil rig a ship. Nobody
seemed to know why it was here but apparently
there is oil exploration going on just off the coast.
Darwin's downtown area. This area is surrounded
on 3 sides by the government buildings for the
Northern Territory of which Darwin is the capitol city.

Another view of the downtown pedestrian mall. It
was Sunday so it's not too busy.
A native Northern Australian bird. Sorry I don't know
what type it is.

A view from across the bay showing Darwin's
city centre. I believe this is from the East Point area.

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