Vacation 2001, Day 19
Wednesday, August 8
Kakadu National Park - Katherine, Australia

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Expectations for Today

Highlights today are the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Gunlom Falls and giant ant hills.

Created July 14th, 2001

What actually happened this day.

Things happened pretty much as indicated above. On the map below we followed the highway that goes south west out of Jabiru (The Kakadu Highway) to the town of Pine Creek and then south east along the Stuart Highway to Katherine. The Stuart highway is the main (if not only) route north to south on the Australian continent. It starts in Darwin, goes through Katherine, Tennant Creek, Alice Springs, and others ultimately ending where it meets highway 1 at Port Augusta on the south coast not too far from Adelaide. Highway 1 goes all the way around the island of Australia. The highway that joins the Stuart Highway at Katherine is Highway 1. We were on it for a short distance as our hotel was located just south of Katherine.

This is an aboriginal calendar stone in the
Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Another roadside fire. Again it's on the opposite
side of the bus from me.

More of the fire.

Gunlom falls which at the peak of the dry season
goes completely dry. As you can see it's almost
dry now and it's only part way through the season.

The pool at the bottom of Gunlum Falls. It's
believed by the aboriginals that a woman that
swims in this pool will become pregnant from the
influence of the spirit that lives in the pool.
The Katherine River. The white chart on the bridge
support is a water depth gauge. During the rainy
season this river floods badly. The top number is
18 metres and a few times it's been higher than that.

In the expectations for today that are based on the tour itinerary I got prior to leaving something is mentioned about giant ant hills. It's odd but I don't remember seeing any giant ant hills and don't have any pictures to prove it one way or another. Either they were so uninteresting that I didn't take any pictures and don't remember them or we didn't see them. Maybe it will come to me before I finish creating this web site?!?!?

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