Vacation 2001, Day 20
Thursday, August 9
Katherine - Darwin, Australia

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Expectations for Today

Today there is more flora and wildlife viewing in the Katherine Gorge (called Nitmiluk) and more rock art. Also Adelaide River which was used as a relocation point during World War II. Also the War Memorial Cemetery and vintage airstrips on the way back to Darwin.

Created July 14th, 2001

What actually happened this day.

Todays highlight really was the Katherine Gorge. As you will see below it is quite an impressive place. There aren't any pictures of the rock art or of the Cemetery. The vintage airstrips ran parallel to the Stuart Highway so close that you might have thought they were paved picnic areas along the highway unless you knew otherwise. They wern't really photographable.

On the map below we started in Katherine and went to the gorge in Nitminuk National Park and then followed the Stuart Highway back to Pine Creek for lunch then to Adelaide River and the rest of the way to Darwin. As you can see the entire journey from Katherine to Darwin was a distance of 314 Kilometres.

Here are the pictures of this day. Most are in the Katherine Gorge with a few from other places.

A Katherine River fresh water, I think, crocodile. There are 13 gorges all divided by small rapids.
This is the division between the 1st and 2nd.

A somewhat better view. All the canoes you can
see had to be carried through the small rapids.

A view of the rock wall on the right side of the
previous picture.

Walking through the gorge to the next section.

A view of the first gorge from the second.

A slightly different angle of the first gorge.

First from a bit further up. We are still on land.

One of the rock faces in the second gorge.

From as far up the second gorge as we
could go looking back.

A slightly different view of the above left view.

As we headed back this is the lower section
of the first gorge.

A view from inside the boat.

The boat we used in the first gorge. We
transferred to a different one for the second gorge.

There was a visitor centre with very reflective
glass so I did a self portrait.
We stopped at a roadhouse in Adelaide River.
I don't remember most of the these peoples
names but Thelma, the tour director, is in the
middle of the first row and Don, the bus driver, is
in the very back by the bull.

Me and the bull. This bull is the one who starred
in the first Crocodile Dundee movie with Paul
Hogan. He belonged to the owner of the Road-
house and he had him stuffed after he died of
natural causes. Quite a tourist attraction now!
Photo by Don the bus driver.
A road train. These long tractor trailer units are
used to supply the isolated areas of central
Australia with supplies. You see quite a few of
these particularly in the late afternoon and evening
hours outside of Darwin heading south.

We arrived in Darwin in the late afternoon and stayed back in the Novotel Atrium Hotel for 2 more days.

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