Vacation 2001, Day 21
Friday, August 10
Darwin, Australia

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Expectations for Today

On this final full day in Northern Australia we travel to the Territory Wildlife Park made up of more than 400 hectares of natural bush land. In Litchfield National Park we see the double waterfall at Florence Falls and magnetic termite mounds. Back in Darwin there is a final dinner with the group.

Created July 14th, 2001

What actually happened this day.

The sequence was slightly different but all things listed here occurred. At the wildlife park there was a bird of prey show and there were several other things as you will see below. The next stop were the magnetic termite mounds which aren't really magnetic at all but the orientation makes you think they are. It actually has something to do with temperature control in the mound not magnetism. We stopped briefly at the double waterfalls at Florence Falls and then stopped at Wangi Falls for a swim if you wanted to (I didn't) before returning to Darwin for the Farwell Barbecue dinner at the hotel.

Virtually all of the places visited this day are not named on the map. Litchfield National Park is the green area just west of the Stuart Highway near Batchelor which I think we went through. The wildlife park is just outside Darwin on the highway and everything else was in various places within the park. If you look carefully you can read the name of the park near the Reynolds River.

Here are the images from the last full day in Northern Territory of Australia.

The Birds of Prey exhibit at the Territory Wildlife
Park. Note the bird flying directly above the man
with the blue cap bottom slightly right.
The bird flying in the previous picture is this
fellow a Barking Owl. This type of owl is called
cropuskular meaning it is active at twilight.

I think were being watched!!!

On his perch waiting for his food.

A park ranger with another type of bird.

I think this is a Pacific Bazer or similar name.

I never found out exactly what this bird is but I
think it is a Sea Eagle or similar.

The park has one of those aquariums with a tunnel
you can walk through. Here a sword fish is resting
right on top of the clear tunnel.

A captive salt water crocodile. Somebody said
his name was Eric?!?! Best guess 4-5 metres long.

The type of vegetation in this area.

The magnetic termite mounds that aren't really
magnetic. There in a north south orientation.

The double waterfall at Florence Falls.

There are 2 waterfalls here at Wangi Falls as well.
These ones don't dry up like some of the others.

Who is this character at Wangi Falls?

These 2 pipelines go over 40 Kilometres out of
Darwin to provide a backup source of drinking
water for Darwin's people. They were built during
the 2nd world war by the Australian military.
There both still tested once a month just in case.

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