Vacation 2001, Day 23
Sunday, August 12
Sydney, Australia

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Expectations for Today

Free day to do what I want in Downtown Sydney.

Created July 14th, 2001

What actually happened this day.

For the next 2 days I basically wondered around the most famous sights in the downtown Sydney area. One on the things I just happened upon was a charity road race that started about 6 blocks from my hotel and was called the City to the Surf. The surf is Bondi beach which is approximately 14 kilometres away. The first images below are of the start of this race at 10:00 am. According to the Sun Herald newspaper, the sponsor of the race, the top male finished in 40 minutes and 24 seconds and the top women in 45 minutes and 8 seconds. When you see the pictures you will probably wonder just how many people ran in this race. I'll tell you after the pictures.

The race started near on of Sydney's less famous
Here, from quite a ways back is the starting
point. The actual starting line is about where the
blue banner is.

The Porta-Loos as these were called were very
busy prior to the start of the race.
The first group of starters came from the right
heading left down William St. This was the
biggest group and took 10 minutes to pass

The next group of starters starting. That's the
group facing the camera and starting to turn
left. This group took almost as long to pass as
the first group.
The final group started something like 20 minutes
after the rest and I didn't wait to see how long
they took to all go.Suddenly the porta-loos
weren't so popular.

So how many people were there in this race that took longer than 30 minutes to get started? According to the newspaper the next morning there were 56,625 people in the race. I knew there were a lot but I didn't think it was that many!

After this I headed on to the most recognizable sights of Sydney.

The famous Sydney Harbour Bridge taken from
near the opera house.
One of the big attractions in Sydney is called the
Bridge Walk. They go up on the bridge to see
the sights. There are 2 groups in the picture. One
by the flag pole to the right and another to the left.

In this picture there are 3 groups along the curve
of the bridge. There is one right in the middle,
and one on each side.
I wasn't able to arrange the actual Bridge Climb so
I did my own version by walking across the

Here is one photo from the sidewalk. This is
Circular Quay the transportation hub of down-
town Sydney.
Another picture from the bridge of that other famous
landmark the Sydney Opera House. Of the 2 tall
buildings in the distance the one nearest the centre
was the hotel I was staying in.

Here is a picture similar to the one above but from
near the Opera House.

The Opera House from the city side.

With the City to the Surf run going on and clear
skies a skywriter was hard at work.

A car carrying ship entering the harbour.

The downtown area from Mrs Mcqueries point. The most famous photo of Sydney but taken at the
wrong time of day. See tomorrows pictures for
pictures with better lighting

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