Vacation 2001, Day 24
Monday, August 13
Sydney, Australia

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Expectations for Today

A second day to do whatever I want in Downtown Sydney.

Created July 14th, 2001

What actually happened this day.

Much the same as yesterday with out the road race. The weather was poor in the afternoon so this limited what could be done.

The same view as yesterday but in the morning
with the sun in a much better position.
Again, the same as yesterday but with a better
sun angle.

The weather is approaching.

A large crane dominates the skyline in the
Australian Navy yard that is part of Sydney

The view to the north from my 31st floor hotel

A view to the south from that same hotel room.
The harbour entrance is to the distant left.

A early evening view of nearly the same view as
A slightly different early evening view. In the one
I think the bridge and Opera house are more
visible than in the previous image.

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