Vacation 2001, Day 25
Tuesday, August 14
Sydney, Australia - Singapore

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Expectations for Today

Another one of these travel days. Cathy Pacific flight 110 leaves Sydney at 7:40 am arriving in Hong Kong at 3:00 pm. Time zone data puts Sydney 2 hours ahead of Hong Kong which as you may remember is exactly 12 hours later than Brantford. So 9 hours and 20 minutes after leaving Sydney I arrive in Hong Kong. Of course I'm not going to Hong Kong so 55 minutes after arriving in Hong Kong I get on Cathy Pacific flight 711 to Singapore. So at 3:55 pm in Hong Kong I leave for Singapore arriving at 7:35 pm., 3 hours and 40 minutes later. Even though Singapore is quite a distance west it sets its clocks to China time which is the same as Hong Kong. Thus the times reflect the proper flying time. Interestingly this is the last time change I need to do before returning home. On the map below follow the PURPLE line from Sydney to Hong Kong to Singapore.

Goes very close to Darwin doesn't it?

Created July 14th, 2001

What actually happened this day.

Well, if you look at the map and read the description of the route at the top of this page you probably would think that something is quite wrong. However, there was a last minute change in todays flight about 1or 2 days prior to leaving home. I found out about the change on July18th in the afternoon and left on the trip in the evening of the19th. The new flight was a British Airways flight (#16) from Sydney to Singapore. It left at 3:50 pm and arrived in Singapore at 9:55 pm. The Cathy Pacific flight to Hong Kong was cancelled due to their pilots job action. I changed the PURPLE line to reflect the new flight. I note above that the original flight went very close to Darwin. This flight went even closer than the other one would have. We went just west of Darwin and could see its lights in the distance. I still wonder why I couldn't have gone directly from Darwin to Singapore. It would have saved about 10 hours of flying (between the 2 flights involved) and probably some money. There aren't many pictures for today but here is what is usable.

Sydney downtown from Sydney Airport, International Terminal

Sydney from British Airways #16. The airport is in the middle with its 2 runways
poking out into Botney Bay. We took off along one of those runways and headed
out over the Tasman Sea (visible in the distance) and then turned and flew just to
the west of the city heading up towards Darwin and ultimately Singapore.

This picture, very similar to the one above, has the sun highlighting an area just below the 747-400's
wing that is almost the centre of town. The clouds, sun and plane wouldn't cooperate to get the
sun in the right place for the perfect picture.

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