Vacation 2001, Day 26
Wednesday, August 15

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Expectations for Today

A half day tour of Singapore. Seeing the sights with a view from Mount Faber. Rest of the day to do what I want.

Created July 14th, 2001

What actually happened this day.

After arriving very late last night I had to get up early this morning for my 1/2 day tour. Singapore in only 1 degree 17 minutes and 15 seconds of latitude north of the Equator. This is equilivant to approximately 145 (it's either kilometres or miles. I don't remember which). So the weather is always hot and humid. It's a good thing that almost everything there is air conditioned. I went on the morning tour and then didn't do much else because it was just too hot for me. Here are what limited images there are from Singapore.

Singapore has something like 400 banks most of
which are housed in buildings like these. This view
is through a tinted motorcoach window.

The motorcoach for the tour.

A temple that a typical citizen of Singapore
would worship in. It's very complicated all of the
religions involved and I don't remember exactly
which religion this is so I won't speculate.

One of the alters in the temple.

Some of the day tour group I was with.

The main entrance to the temple from the street.

The temple is in a neighbourhood that is
surrounded by modern skyscrapers.

More skyscrapers around the temple.

Singapore's harbour from Mt Faber. This harbour
is one of the busiest ones in the world.
Another harbour view. Singapore acts as a
transfer point for cargos as it is very centrally
located in asia.

The city from Mt Faber.

The view from my hotel room in the evening.

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