Vacation 2001, Day 28
Friday, August 17
Hong Kong

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Expectations for Today

Half day sightseeing tour with views from Victoria Peak and a half day to shop.

Created July 14th, 2001

What actually happened this day.

Hong Kong was no less hot and humid than Singapore even though it is quite a bit further away from the equator. It is a misconception in my view that Hong Kong is a lot cheaper. I never noticed it. The first visit for the day was an extra cost sampan ride.This is documented below.

Heading Out.

Several of these sampans were other groups from
our coach but there is also working traffic here.

Old lifestyle contrasted against the new.

You might call this sampan city.

It's an interesting life on one of these we were told. The government has been moving the people out
of this area so it's unlikely that this life style will
exist too much longer.

A typical working sampan.

This was a floating restaurant until not too long
ago when it was converted into a casino.

Another part of the casino.

The building in the picture above from the front.

Other visits were to a Gem factory where really annoying sales people (mostly young women in neat and tidy uniforms) tried to sell you just about everything they had. Another market aimed mostly at tourists apparently, and ultimately Victoria Peak.

Typical government provided housing for Hong
Kong's inhabitants. It's very small but these
complexes have stores, schools etc. Very much
self contained.
Much of the older housing in looks like this.
Apparently the insides look much better than the

The touristy market. I think it was called
Spences Market or something similar.

The ocean from near the market.

Looking out from Victoria Peak in one direction you look down onto the city of Hong Kong. The image below is comprised of 3 separate images "stitched" together so you can see the whole view.

The city of Hong Kong is in the foreground and the suburb of Kowloon
(where most of the people live and my hotel was) is in the background.
The old airport was in Kowloon as well.

The image below is looking the other direction from Victoria Peak.
It is a stitching together of 2 images.

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