October 2002 Trip
Day 10
Egypt Tour Day 5
Monday, October 21st, 2002

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Todays agenda consisted of mostly cruising. Passed through the lock as Esna at around 6:30 am and continued on the Edfu arriving there around 11:30. Left here at around mid-afternoon and arrived in Kom Obo to a ship traffic jam around 9:30.

The first pictures below show various scenes between the Esna lock and Edfu.

The desert is never too far away.

Enlarged section of previous image showing a falucca
and a mud house.

In places the desert mountains come right to the river.

Another wider view.

Farm fields amongst the palm trees.

Banana trees, palm trees and desert mountains

Closer view of the banana trees.

I'm not sure what these fellows are doing but the man
in the rear is throwing the stick into the water.

I don't know what the man in the rear is sitting on but it
is sure making the boat back heavy.

A fisherman hard at work.

A mosque with its tall minerette.

To get from the ship to the temple in Edfu we took a horse drawn carriage. Various problems occurred at this point and I was unable to get a picture of this. One thing though, they were very rough with the horses. Animal rights people would have a field day with this. We were told that it was slowly improving here and was already much better in Cairo.

The temple in Edfu is considered to be the best preserved one in Egypt. It is concecrated to Horus the son of Osiris. This temple was built by Ptolemy III in 327 B.C. on an earlier temple for Thutmosis III by the first priest architect Imhotep. It was worked on by various kings and queens up to one of the best known queens Cleopatra VII.

The Grand Pylon of Edfu Temple. You can see figures
of Horus and the Goddess Hathor on the walls. The
indents were for flags.
The facade of the Great Hypostyle Hall. Much smaller
than Karnak's. The court yard is called the <<wide
court of the libations>>. What the libations were isn't
noted in the book.

This is a roughly 1/2 size model of the ceremonial bark
used to carry the priest into the temple.

The roof of the entrance way in the picture above. The
black is soot from fires over the years.

The falcons of Horus guarding the temple entrance.
They are made out of black granite.

The Falcon God Horus, in Black Granite wearing the
double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt.
Do you recognize this from the map above?

On leaving Edfu we sailed further south and eventually arrived at Kom Obo. This is the only other temple in Egypt that can be visited at night (Luxor was the other). It was decided we would do it on the way back as the timing was expected to be better. Being Egypt and all, on the way back we nearly didn't get to see it. Here is a picture of it taken at about 10:00.

We sailed early the next morning for Aswan. But that is for tomorrows page.

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