October 2002 Trip
Day 13

Egypt Tour Day 8
Thursday, October 24th, 2002

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Today was quite a quiet one compared to most. It consisted of a mid-morning falucca ride and an evening visit to the temple at Kom Ombo. We had been scheduled to leave Aswan for Kom Obo early in the afternoon but the unpredictability of Egyptair caused a problem. Two fairly large groups of Dutch and Germans went to Abu Simbel this day. We didn't hear the exact story but it what ever happened caused a 4 hour delay in them getting back to us which caused us to leave late. I think the original plan was for us to get to Kom Obo in daylight but it's just our luck that it is the other temple that can be done at night. So we did. The other problem at Kom Obo is that there doesn't seem to be much space for the ships and some how or other they all seem to get there at the same time. Thus a cruise boat traffic jam. It took us over an hour to get docked and we only stayed about 90 minutes and sailed on and overnighted in Edfu.

We start today with the falucca ride. It wasn't able to get a picture of the one I was in but it's pretty much the same as all the others except maybe a bit newer.

A hotel on a private island.

A falucca like the one I'm on.

Downtown Aswan from the Nile.

We're down from 7 ship to 4. Ours isn't visible.

The MS Nile Saphire that I'm sailing on. My cabin
is the first long window above the blue, green and
yellow stripes and below the bridge in line with the
bright blue stairway at the bow.
The ship was too big to get all in one shot so this is
the best I could do. Everybody on the other ships
would use this gangway to get to shore.

Traveling to Kom Obo

Sunset on the Nile

When we arrived we found the ship traffic jam.

The temple is in the background as the ships jockey
for position. There are several either side of this image.

    Now there is a spot. The one on the left goes first.    

After we finally docked we went and saw the temple. This temple is unusual because the left side is dedicated to the falcon god Horus the Elder (a variation of the Sun-Horus) and a protector of people from evil spirits. The right side is to the crocodile god Sobek, who amongst others is the god of fertility and protector from evil. Both are exterminators of the enemies of Osiris. As with many of these temples this was built and added to continually by the Ptolemies

The temple from the dock.

Some of the inscriptions.

A mummified crocodile in the chapel of Sobek.

The Chapel of Sobek.

One of the entrances with the great Hypostyle hall
in the background.

Some painting on the underside of a roof section.

A slightly different view of the entrance and Hypo-
style hall.

The Great Hypostyle Hall.

We returned to the ship and sailed on to Edfu for the night.

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