October 2002 Trip
Day 2
Sunday, October 13th

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Today begins with the arrival of BA Flight 98 in London at approximately 8:55 am (local time). By the time all the formalities at Heathrow Airport were completed it was 10:00 am. Travelled by Underground to Russell Square and found the hotel. After a bunch more formalities I confirmed the day trips for tomorrow and Wednesday. The weather was cool with on and off rain showers. Here are just a few pictures taken this day.

The first picture taken in London. This is the London Eye
observation wheel looking south down Victoria Street,
Westminster from near Victoria Rail Station.
Technology is finally coming to the British rail system.
Here are new flat panel display information boards
with the old style flip boards in the background.
If you travel the rail system in England you spend a
lot of time standing in front of these.

The Eurostar terminal (known as Waterloo International)
in Waterloo rail station. This is where you board the
Chunnel trains to the rest of Europe from London.
Immediately above the International area at Waterloo
is this window out of which can be seen the
London Eye from the other side than the picture above.

The pictures of Waterloo Station were taken when I went there to see where I had to be at 5:30 am tomorrow morning to get the train for the day trip to Paris, France tomorrow. It was raining heavily and with the stations roof under construction is was almost as wet inside as outside (in many places). After completing this I took the underground back to Russell Square and the hotel. Since I had been awake by many hours by this time I watched some TV and then went to bed because it will be a very early day tomorrow.

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