October 2002 Trip
Day 3
Monday, October 14th.

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Today began extremely early, about 4:00 am as a matter of fact. Due to the ideosyncycries of transportation at that hour of the day it turned out that the course of least resistance was to walk from the hotel to Waterloo station. It ended up taking about 1/2 hour in the dark and damp but not actually raining early morning. The first picture below will show what the south bank with the London Eye looks like at about 5:00 am. Train departure was 6:19 am and so it did. It took 18 minutes to go through the chunnel and I arrived in Paris around 10:30 am. During the morning we toured around Paris with the major stops at Efile Tower, and the Louvre.

The London Eye with Big Ben in the background.
This picture was taken at 5:02 am on the way
to Waterloo International rail station.

The map below shows the area of Paris where the day tour was concentrated. I arrived at Gare de Nord (Station North) around 10:30 and toured by motor coach mainly in the area shown below. I was at the Eiffel Tower just before lunch. Had lunch in Musee du Louvre and did Notre Dame in the afternoon.

The pictures below start at Place de la Concorde with the Obelisk.

This obelisk came from Luxor Egypt as a gift in the
early 1900's. Eiffel tower in background right.

The obelisk taken from in front of the Lourve
with the Arc de Triomphe in the background.

The Eiffel tower from the bottom.

The crowd waiting to go up the Eiffel Tower.

My tour group with our tour guide in the pink
scarf, waiting to go up the tower.

View looking generally north from the tower's
second floor.

Palais De Chaillot with the Trocadero immediately
 behind to the northeast of the tower. In the
distance is the suburb called La Defence.

Notre Dame to the south of the tower.

Parc du Champ de Mars with the Ecole
Militare in the background.

Rear view of Notre Dame from the
Pont de Sully bridge over the Seine River

Front view from the square in front.

The famous doors

One of the many stained glass windows.

Inside view looking towards the alter.

Inside view looking from middle towards the rear.

The Seine river from next to the Lourve
looking towards Notre Dame.

After some time for those who wanted to shop (I didn't), I then returned to Gare de Nord for the evening trip back to London leaving at 8:43 P.M. and arriving at 10:46 pm. The Underground was available at this hour and I took it back to the hotel.

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