October 2002 Trip
Day 4
Tuesday, October 14th

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Todays agenda consisted mainly of confirming a flight reservation with British Airways and a "flight" as they call it on British Airways London Eye. My interest in the London Eye originated in a visit to London in the summer of 1999 while it was being built. I was there while it was still laying on its side on pylons in the Thames River. The first attempt to pull it up to it's current position was but a few weeks away. That attempt failed due to some problems and it was finally uprighted about a month later. With some luck I'll find some pictures of this. Guess what? I did find some!

This image was taken in August 1999 on one of my previous
visits to London. This was taken from Westminster Bridge.

This is the view from the Victoria Embankment.

View from the shore near where the base of the wheel is now.

This is a promotional picture showing it fully set up.

The next capsule after mine being boarded. The wheel is
turning all the time.

Now several capsules past the starting point. Part of the drive
system can be seen on the upper left. One complete rotation
takes 30 minutes.

I thought this was an interesting picture even with the water
drops on the windows. This is the capsule ahead of me. Right
now it's above me but once over the top it's below me.

Partial view of the inside of of the capsule I'm in.

The view on the cloudy and somewhat rainy day was not the
best. This view is looking east from the Eye. Look closely
and you may be able to see the dome of St Pauls Cathedral
almost right in the middle.
This view is looking northeast with the Hungerford bridge with its new walkways in the foreground and Waterloo Bridge further down the river.

Similar view to the previous one but from higher up.

This view looking at bit to the west of north shows Charing
Cross Rail Station in the foreground with the British Telecom tower in the distant centre.

This view looking southwest shows the British Houses of
Parliament with Big Ben and if you look very closely you may
be able to see Westminster Abby just to the right of Big Ben.

This view was taken just as the capsule I was in went over the
top and started down the other side.

This view, looking due south along the Thames shows 3 bridges, Westminster in foreground, Lambeth second and
Vauxhall furthest back. Apparently the headquarters of the
famous British intelligence service MI6 is just to the left of Lambeth Bridge.
As you approach the end of the "flight" they have several
digital cameras mounted. They tell you to go to these to corners
and after a moment or so you get your picture taken. So here is
the evidence that I was actually there. Just in case you can't tell
I'm the one on the left!!!

As you can see it was a cloudy day with a light rain falling as indicated by the water drops seen in many of the pictures. Oh well, after all it is fall in London, what else should one expect but rain? Also, because of the grey day there are some reflections on the clear enclosure of the capsule. When talking about the London Eye it seems very important to mention that it was "Conceived and Designed by Marks Barfield Architects". There is also a web site which has some documentation about the eye available. It is www.ba-londoneye.com but www.londoneye.com seems to work to.

With another early day scheduled for tomorrow I thought it would be wise to find out where I had to go in the Kings Cross rail station at 6:00 tomorrow morning and how long it would take to get there. After finding all this out I went back to the hotel and had a quiet evening.

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