October 2002 Trip
Day 5
Wednesday, October 14th

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Today started at 6:00 at Kings Cross Rail station, a 15 minute walk from my hotel. At precisely 7:00 I departed London for Edinburgh arriving 4 hours and 25 minutes and something like 8 stops later at 11:25. The train was operated by GNER which stands for the Great North Eastern Railway or something very similar to this. On arrival I took the included Hop-on Hop-off bus tour. The only place I "hopped" was at the famous Edinburgh Castle.  

One of Edinburgh's older buildings.

A view of downtown.

The next 5 pictures show the view looking towards
the Firth of Forth. In this picture the 2 bridges that
cross the Firth can be partially scene one on either
side of the hill in the centre. The one on the right is
more than 100 years old and carries trains only.

The next image to the right of the previous one.

Further to the right showing Edinburgh's main
shopping area called Princes street.
Even further to the right with more of Princes Street.

As far right as can be seen from the castle.

Here is an artistic (I think) shot of the downtown
framed in a cannon opening.

This shot shows the Art Museum in the centre with
the Waverly Rail Station to the right.

Some of the buildings that make up the castle complex.

Mons Meg medieval siege gun.
See next image for info.

The info about Mons Meg. The dates are hard to read
so the 1st one is 1457, 2nd 1558 and last is1681.

Saint Margaret's Chapel.

The info about the Chapel. The dates are hard to
see so the first one is 1124-53, the second is 1093,
and the last is 1250.

A daily tradition at the castle is the firing of the
daily 1:00 gun. Here, in this video frame is the
gun and gunner ready to fire.

This video frame was taken 1/6th of a second or 5
video frames after the gun was fired. This frame and
the previous one are 1/3rd of a second or 10 frames
apart on the tape. 

After spending several hours at the castle I hopped back on the bus and returned to Waverly Rail Station. I sent an E-mail from an internet cafe there. (It's advertising said it had the fastest connection in Edinburgh). I waited for the 5:30 PM train back to London. Arrived in London at 9:30 PM. (fewer stops on this train than the earlier one) and returned to the Hotel. Tomorrow on to Cairo, Egypt.

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