October 2002 Trip
Day 6

Egypt Tour Day 1
Thursday, October 17th

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This day (for which there aren't any pictures) consists of packing in the morning and traveling the rest of the day. It started off by sleeping in. With the Egypt tour starting this evening I suspected that 'sleeping in' probably wouldn't happen much for the rest of the trip. (How right this generally turned out to be because of requirements for having breakfast and several really early morning domestic air flights as you'll see later.)  Had to be out of the hotel by 11:00 so checked out just before this and waited in lobby till noon to start the trip to Heathrow Airport. Got to the airport just after 1:00 for the 5:00 flight. It's a bit to early but at least I wasn't rushed. After being bused to the plane (a Boeing 777-200) we left the gate a few minutes late but typically of Heathrow taxied for half an hour before take off. On this flight I ate something (chicken they said) that didn't agree with me at all. (I didn't eat for 2 days because of this.) At approximately 10:55 PM Cairo time the flight arrived at the gate in a very smoggy Cairo airport. One of the first things that you notice (not more than 50 feet down the jetway off the plane) is the strong odor of car exhaust fumes in the smog. After going through passport control and all the formalities associated with it, was picked up by Wael of Spring Tours and taken on the half hour drive to the hotel.

The Semiramis Intercontinental was located on the Corniche el Nil and is shown in this promotional photo borrowed from the Tour Egypt web site.

The Corniche is considered a cites main street in Egypt and is always the street closest to the Nile river (seen in the foreground in the picture above). This fact is one of the first indications that you get of how important the Nile River is to Egyptians. The hotel seemed to have difficulty checking guests in and out for some reason but in the end they did it. A hotel should be able to do this with their eyes closed but this one didn't seem to be able too either this time or when the tour came back here a week later. Went to bed at about 12:30 Friday morning.

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