Current Conditions at
Brantford , Ontario
as of
12/16/17 at 3:20p Local time
( 12/16/17 at 8:20p U.T.C.)


Current: -2.8 C
High: -1.9 C at 12:11p
Low: -6.4 C at 2:00a

Wind Chill: -3.7 C
Lowest: -10.0 C at 12:01a


Current: N at 3.2 km/hr

Last 10 Minute Average: 3.2 km/hr
Last 10 Minute High: 8.0 km/hr

22.5 km/hr at 5:59a


Current: 70 %
Highest: 92 % at 5:57a
Lowest: 69 % at 2:04p

DewPoint: -7.5 C


Current: 1019.4 hPa & Rising Rapidly
Highest: 1019.4 hPa at 3:14p
Lowest: 1012.8 hPa at 12:14a


Rain or Melted Snow: 0.0 mm
Current Rate: 0.0 mm/hr
Highest Rate: 0.0 mm/hr at ----

Storm Total:
0.0 mm
Today's Total: 0.0 mm

Monthly Total: 14.0 mm
Yearly Total: 845.8 mm

Sun & Moon

Solar Radiation: 58 W/m
Highest: 364 W/m at 2:01p

U.V. Index: 0.0
Highest: 0.0 at ----

Sunrise: 7:47a
Sunset: 4:47p

Moon Phase: New Moon

U.S. Heat Index

Heat Index: -3.1

Highest: -1.7 at 12:45p


Canadian Humidex

The Canadian Heat Index (called Humidex) is calculated
using a different formula than the one the U.S. uses. The
Humidex can be calculated by using some of the numbers
displayed above. The difference is usually 3 to 5 degrees C
greater than what is shown in the left column.
A simple way of calculating the humidex is to add the
temperature and dewpoint (in C) then subtract 13. For
example, if the air temperature is 32C and the dewpoint is
22C then the humidex is 41C (32 + 22 - 13 = 41C)
Environment Canada issues Humidex advisories when
humidex values of 40C or greater are expected.

If you want to try the rough Humidex calculaton shown
above, here are the current numbers to use.

-2.8 C + -7.5 C -13 =

I have not figured out how to do this calculation on this
page so you will need to do it yourself. It is not too hard!

This weather stations forcast: Mostly clear with little temperature change.

Inside (Our Basement) Weather Data.


Current: 22.2 C

Highest: 22.6 C at 12:00a
21.4 C at 4:54a

Monthly Highest:
24.3 C
Monthly Lowest:
21.2 C


Current: 34 %

Highest: 40 % at 10:32a
31 % at 3:13a

Monthly Highest: 44 %
Monthly Lowest:
30 %

Dew Point: 5.6 C

U.S. Heat Index: 20.8

Additional Data

To see some of the data shown above in a mixed graphical/text format, click here, which will take you to a page that is updated every hour at five minutes past the hour.

For some historical info in a mixed graphical/text format, click here to be taken to a page that provides some info for the last week or so. This page is updated every four hours starting at 12:05 AM every day.

The software also allows for creation of some text based reports that summarize some of the data collected by the weather station. These reports are created in a standard format for U.S. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) climatological use. These reports are updated once each day at five minutes past midnight.

This Month Summary
Last Month Summary
This Year Summary
Last Year Summary

Here are some links to other sites providing current weather info about this area.

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For weather forecasts, this weather station predicts the following: Mostly clear with little temperature change.
To see how this compares with the professionals, check these out:
Environment Canada forecast for Brantford.
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Data in the table above is updated every 10 minutes on the 10s.
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